Custom Glass Designs

Serving British Columbia & Alberta

Stephanie can create custom stained glass, sandblasted glass, decorative shower enclosures, partitions, lamps and more. Her mastered techniques, like carving and kiln-fired painting, give her a repertoire that is wide ranging.

Stained glass and sandblasted glass is priced by the square foot. To calculate the square footage of your window, multiply (in inches) the length times the width. Divide that by 144 (i.e.: 16″ X 9″ divided by 144 = 1 sq. foot).

Prices of stained glass and sandblasted designs vary; the more complex the design, the higher the price per square foot. The cost of the panel includes most of the glass that is available to us. However, some glass is extremely high priced and the cost of the stained glass would be adjusted to reflect any specialty glass, including beveled glass.

Contact Stephanie

Please contact Stephanie for specific pricing of your custom stained glass or sandblasted artwork.